Thursday, February 23, 2017

Dollhouse in a Breadbox!

I've been spending a lot of time looking at DIY dollhouses on Pinterest. We're talking a couple of years. I have been wanting to get back into dollhouses ever since I gave up my Loving Family Home and Stable Dollhouse along with the poorly made wooden dollhouse I found on a neighbor's curb. (And I made my friend go ask if we could have it!)

Anyway, I need something that met a few requirements.

1. Needs to be a decent size for a small bedroom.
2. Needs to be Sasha-proof (that's my little dog who thinks everything is for her)
3. Needs to be unconventional.
4. Preferably 1:6 scale

I found a breadbox for $6 at Goodwill. I went into Goodwill with Dolly Lenses (trying to see everything as a potential dollhouse) and finally found this breadbox. It was love at first sight. My mom actually bought it for me.

The back wall is 15" and the side walls are about 9" across, making this a nice spacious studio apartment for dolls.

Sorry about the hard-to-see interior. I took this photo at night.

I got contact paper at Dollar Tree. I spent $2. I got one for the wallpaper and one for the floor. I have been eyeing this stuff for a while. I always thought it would make nice dollhouse wallpaper and flooring. I was right.

Of course, any good doll room or house must have furniture. The heart bed was a valentine's gift that my mom thought would make a perfect bed for the little room. I decided to add the gift card as a poster. Since they were gifts, both of these were free.

The easel and canvas (it's a real canvas, btw) were both 97 cents at Wal*Mart. I really couldn't pass up the chance to make my dolls artsy.

I made the window using an idea that I got from MyFroggyStuff. I cut out a piece of my 2017 calendar. The mini calendar also came out of my big calendar. I chose February for the mini calendar because it's Mom's birth month (in fact, today is her birthday.)

I added Mom's Little Kiddles and my Ddung keychain doll to make the room look a little more alive. I plan to add some handmade dolls later. They aren't quite finished yet.

What do you think? Is a doll room in a breadbox a good idea? What was the most unconventional dollhouse you have ever had or made? If you have any ideas for furniture, please share in the comments below.