Friday, March 3, 2017

My 18" Doll Collection and My Thoughts on Each Doll

Hi everyone. I got interested in 18" dolls when I accidentally ordered an American Girl catalog.

Here is my collection of dolls, in the order that I got them.

The first doll to become a part of my collection was Kit Kittredge. I won her in an eBay auction, and it was close. She was 8 years old and needed some cleaning up, but I think she's a lovely doll. She's about 16 years old now. I should probably clean her up again.

She's got a nice soft body. She is a little loose when posing, but that's probably due to age. Her vinyl isn't as nice as the Madame Alexander doll.

This little sailor is a Madame Alexander Favorite Friend. I adore everything about this doll from her expression to the way she feels. She has a chest plate which makes her body a bit different from the AG dolls. I think her vinyl is nicer and softer too. If I were going to get another 18" doll, I would probably look for another Madame Alexander.

This sweetie, who I've named Mindy, is a My Life As doll. She is shown here in her original outfit. She is the least posable and least cuddly doll. I was disappointed that her arms only move up and down, not out to the side like AG and MA dolls. I  also found her to be the most difficult to dress. She's really pretty, though, and fine if your only intention for her is to sit on a shelf.

Note: The My Life As dolls replaced the Favorite Friends that Wal*Mart used to carry. The My Life As Dolls are made by Citi Toy. 

This little cutie is actually not an 18" doll, but I wanted to include her anyway, because she is just so pretty. She is a Positively Perfect doll. They are designed to represent girls with a wide range of skin tones. Their faces are beautifully sculpted, which is what sold me on her.

She's not as posable as some of the other dolls, but she is definitely the cuddliest. She is super soft. She has no arm joints, instead her vinyl arms and legs are attached to the cloth. She is also the easiest to dress and fits nicely in 18" doll clothes. (I haven't tried the shoes on her, though.)

Here is the whole gang. Aren't they just the cutest little set of friends?

Do you like 18 inch dolls? What kinds have you collected?

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